Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is the campus reporting tool purchased by the University of Wisconsin System.  The platform focuses on self-service reporting which will allow more campus units to obtain data and answer business questions, empowering employees who may not serve in technical roles.  This provides a significant opportunity for expanded campus collaboration on campus data projects, fostering conversations about how we define, manage, and apply institutional data.

Units across campus have specialized reporting needs, but there are also data sets that support common business needs across departments, schools, and colleges.  OBIEE’s collaboration friendly structure will allow for campus-wide and unit-specific reporting on:

  • Current and historical class enrollments, including student bio/demo data, academic plan information, and previous tests and coursework.
  • Current academic plan information, including student bio/demo data, term registration status, advisor information, and degree progress.
  • Student applications and admissions status, including admission checklist progress, previous school and placement test information, and intended plan information.
  • Historically-awarded and expected degrees, including academic plan/subplan(s), honors awarded, student groups, coursework, and academic performance.