Overview of Reporting Landscape at UWM

  • Query Library provides access to filterable queries/reports and contains scheduled jobs that generate reports for email/web consumption; desktop software used to create and process queries within and outside the web-accessible QL
  • Three types of queries:
    1. Shared system queries (HRS data)
    2. Shared campus queries (enrollments to date, admissions, etc.)
    3. Local queries developed by distributed report writers for ad-hoc or irregular reporting requests
  • Distributed nature of support results in haves and have-nots; units often beg and borrow services to get the data they need
  • Recent retirements and departures in DBA, institutional research, and other large areas have reduced our ability to draw on institutional knowledge; however, UWM has WERIT: an enthusiastic and diverse community of data reporting employees who regularly share experiences and knowledge

Synopsis of New Tool and Implementation Progress

  • Existing QL software being end-of-lifed by Oracle; RFP using CSRG funds; OBIEE 12c purchased
  • Existing query library (as of existing UWS plans) will be unavailable after June 2017 – PC desktop software will function indefinitely, providing continued access to mission-critical queries from the legacy system
  • Shared HRS queries being converted by UWS, local campus queries being converted by UWM
  • Initial training held for campus admins; planned consultant visits to individual campuses