Project Overview

The first purpose of this systemwide “UWBI” project is to replace the functionality of the Query Library to automatically generate and deliver institutional data for all UW campuses. From a technical standpoint, this requires each campus to inventory their existing Query Library reports, work with business users to understand campus needs, and then create OBIEE data models to replicate existing functionality and ensure uninterrupted access to data. For information on the UW System-wide aspects of the UWBI project, please visit the UWS Business Intelligence Project page.

After each campus creates their data model, it will be migrated into a shared UW-System OBIEE environment. Much like the current Query Library, individual campuses will have access to their own data models and reports, and will manage their content and permissions independent of the other UW schools. There are a few key points to keep in mind during this project:

  • UWM is ahead of most campuses in terms of structuring and understanding our data. This maturity also means that we have more queries for conversion and more sources of custom data that are not currently accessible from the Query Library. The initial phase of this project will focus on modeling student records data; additional data sources will be added after the Query Library is retired.
  • OBIEE also provides us with an opportunity to transition from data requests to self-service reporting that can provide consistency as well as leverage limited reporting resources. This is an opportunity to develop a shared vocabulary for talking about data, and to engage business users in discussions about their uses of data.

Implementation Tasks

  1. Form a project team and identify campus stakeholders and SMEs
  2. Analyze existing Query Library reports and jobs for conversion
  3. Create and test OBIEE data models to replicate functionality of existing Query Library
  4. Migrate UW-Milwaukee OBIEE data model to shared UWS OBIEE environment
  5. Create and deliver OBIEE training materials to campus authors and consumers
  6. Work with reporting stakeholders to recreate and test existing Query Library functionality
  7. Retire Query Library
  8. Continue modeling other student data warehouse modules (student financials and financial aid)